Personal Injury – Dog Bite

A dog bite or attack can result in long term consequences such as permanent disfigurement and psychological trauma.  If you or a family member is injured from a dog bite or attack, the law recognizes that that owner of the dog may be liable.  Since the success of these cases is fact sensitive and generally requires a thorough investigation, it is important to consult with an attorney as soon as possible.

personal injury - dog biteOne injured in a dog bite or attack will face significant medical treatment and expenses, a loss of income and job security, pain and discomfort and the loss of enjoyment from the activities or relationships regularly entertained. D'Amico · Burchfield is devoted to representing individuals who have suffered serious injuries caused by the negligence of others.

Our experienced and compassionate team of attorneys and paralegals are here to assist you and your family through this difficult period of time. Our resources and technology provide our staff with up-to-date knowledge and information allowing us to carefully investigate and prepare your case to obtain the compensation you deserve from those responsible.

Our team has successfully recovered damages for dog bite victims and appropriately held negligent dog owners responsible for injuries and hardships resulting from the attack.

Whether your injury is relatively minor or very serious, our dedicated and experienced team is prepared to begin working on a favorable resolution now.

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