Divorce, Custody & Child Support

At D’Amico ∙ Burchfield, we understand the importance of family.Business & Corporate Law

With that understanding, we know that domestic problems in peoples’ family life can wreak great havoc if not properly addressed. We have extensive experience in dealing with family court matters from divorce, separation, custody, visitation and child support.

Our philosophy of handling Family Court cases is one that focuses on family first. We believe that the best way to advise clients in Family Court matters is to encourage agreement between parties and resolve domestic issues with as little litigation as possible.

This enables clients to achieve closure to an emotionally and financially difficult experience without wasting limited family financial resources on expensive legal fees in long, drawn out court battles.

While our philosophy and comprehensive approach toward handling domestic matters encourages the achievement of a consensus between parties, D’Amico ∙ Burchfield is keenly aware that not all domestic situations can be resolved harmoniously. Our team of litigators is prepared to fight for our clients in all domestic matters.

Call a law firm that you can trust to put your family first.

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